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Completion of education landmark:
For most of us our employment process begins with completion of educational landmark. We obtain a degree or certification from the institute and start looking for available options for job.

Decision of seeking job:
A firm decision for seeking a job instead of further educating is taken.

Looking for career

Educating oneself with Goal in mind:
Most of us believe that the employment process begins when we receive a ‘Job Interview Call’. However the actual first step is getting the right attitude and mindset while educating oneself. Lot of times it is observed that there is confusion between desire and a goal. We definitely desire to…!!! But the desire when accompanied with the fire read more...

Pre-Interview Preparation:
Research out about company through its website, employee or x–employee who might be your friend, relative or in your social network or a trade portal, get contact details, know the contact person, companies financials, rank or accreditations, no. of employees, product or services range, ownership structure, etc. In case you change your mind, let the read more...

We often come to a point in our life where we have to decide between:
a) Whether to go for a job & start earning or
b) Continue for higher studies (e.g. MBA) and earn thereafter

Let’s look for some of the PRO's & CONS's of each option, giving you the best possible comparison between the two above. The basic logic to understand the decision making is - whether the read more...